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A Mini-Split Installation

Innovative Cooling Solutions

If you’re looking for a modern air conditioning solution for your home, take a look at high velocity mini duct system installation. At Solace Heating & Air, we have the latest in cooling technology that provides strong and even airflow throughout your property for maximum performance. A high velocity mini duct system installation is ideal for older homes in the ​Memphis, TN area because it takes up less space. Many older homes aren’t designed with traditional air conditioning systems in mind. A smaller, eco-friendly mini-duct system can get the job done in a smaller package. The technicians on our team are experts in custom AC repair and installation solutions. We can get to you quickly and deliver the results you expect for your home.

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The Benefits of a High-Velocity Mini Duct System Installation

With a high-velocity mini-duct system, you get extra air conditioning performance in a smaller package. Modern engineering makes this suitable for all types of homes, especially those with tight ventilation spaces. The improved power capacity of a high velocity system installation in Memphis, TN means that the same amount of air can be pushed through smaller pipes. It makes designing remodels or new construction much simpler because your air conditioning will take up less space.

At ​Solace Heating & Air, we offer the best in modern AC repair and installation for clients in the greater ​Memphis, TN area. As a local business, we know what it takes to install a custom cooling solution that fits your needs and your budget. Find out if a high-velocity mini-duct system will work in your home and if it’s the right choice for your property. Our team is standing by to help you make the best decision for your home.

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