Covid 19: Coronavirus

How is Solace Heating and Air protecting customers and employees from COVID-19?

Solace Heating & Air has implemented safe Coronavirus protection practices effective immediately.

All technicians are required to frequently wash or sanitize their hands. In order to limit the potential spread of the virus, we have asked all our technicians to refrain from shaking hands with our customers and to maintain a respectful distance.

Most importantly, we’ve asked all our employees to stay home if they are showing any potential solutions. Our goal is to successfully fix your HVAC system, and if we work safely together, we can accomplish this. 

Solace Heating & Air is ready and prepared to service the great people of Memphis, TN, all while keeping safety our TOP priority. 

All employees are equipped with:

  • Disinfectant to clean common surfaces safely and effectively.
  • Gloves to reduce the spread of any germs.
  • Face Masks to prevent the spread of the virus.