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Solace Heating and Air is a leading provider of heat/HVAC repair in ​Covington, TN, and the wider area, and we are here to provide the results you expect at great prices. Local residents have counted on our team of expert technicians to deliver custom air conditioner and heat/HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services quickly and with the best quality. All of our technicians are certified and have extensive experience working on all types of appliances, ventilation ducts, and property types. We know what it takes to keep your air conditioning or heating system working better than ever, and know how to get you more efficiency out of your appliances.

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Our team operates around the clock to bring customers the latest innovations in air conditioner and heat/HVAC repairs at the best prices. That’s why so many residents count on us for all of their HVAC servicing needs. If you’re struggling with an HVAC emergency in the middle of the night or want to explore upgrading from an older appliance or ventilation system, we can help. With an large supply of components and appliances, and expert technicians uniquely attuned to what local properties in the area need, we can get to you quickly and create a custom solution for your home or property. Find out how we will help you increase the lifespan of your heating or cooling appliances with expert repairs at fantastic prices. 

​As a local contractor, Solace Heating and Air is committed to helping residents with high-level heat/HVAC repair in ​Covington, TN, and other solutions. Solace Heating and Air is a local contractor committed to helping homeowners with high-level heat/HVAC repair in Covington, TN. Each task we work on is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are confident you’ll love the way your air conditioner and heating systems work once we are through! Find out how our team can help you improve performance for your home with professional technicians who understand how to get things done right. 

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