Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting With High-Pressure Water

High-Pressure Line Cleaning

When you have blockages in your plumbing or sewer lines, not only could your system get clogged drains, you could risk a contaminated water supply. While some clogs and blockages require some basic tools like plungers or plumbing augers to clear them, others, especially those deep in the system, require more powerful tools. One of the most powerful tools Solace Heating & Air uses against clogs and blockages is our hydro jetting system. When you need tough clogs cleared quickly, hydro jetting is the answer. To schedule hydro-jetting in Memphis, TN, or surrounding areas, call Solace Heating & Air at (901) 440-3000.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Have you noticed recurring clogs in your plumbing system or problems with water pressure? If so, you may have a serious problem in your system that requires the attention of skilled professionals like those at Solace Heating & Air. Problems like low water pressure or constant clogs may be caused by a larger blockage down the line. Blockages caused by roots or other debris are best cleared through hydro-jetting in Memphis, TN. 

Here are just a few benefits of using hydro jets to clear blockages:

  • It’s thorough: This technique will break up almost any clog, pushing it through the system.
  • It removes residue: This technique can be used as a preventative measure to clear out dirt, debris, grime, or residue before it creates clogs. Hydro jets are especially effective at clearing out grease residue.
  • It’s flexible and mobile: This technique gives plumbers greater flexibility and mobility to do their work. They don’t have to dig through walls or underground to get to damaged lines.
  • It’s affordable: This technique will save you money over other clog-cleaning techniques, especially when it comes to preventing new clogs from developing.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: This technique only uses high-pressure water. No harsh or toxic chemicals are added or used to clear clogs.

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If you have blockages or clogs in your plumbing or sewer lines, Solace Heating & Air can clear them safely with our hydro jet system. To schedule hydro jetting in Memphis, TN, or surrounding cities, give us a call at  (901) 440-3000.