Indoor Air Quality Services

indoor air quality service

We Care About the Air You Breathe!

Solace Heating & Air is a local leader in indoor air quality inspections and solutions. We can improve the quality of air in your home or building with the latest in HVAC technology at great prices. If you’re interested in learning how you can improve the air you and your family members breathe every day, we can help. With years of expertise and access to the latest in HEPA-approved machines and other specialized tools, we can eradicate any indoor air quality service issues you’re dealing with in Memphis, TN. All of our HVAC technicians are certified and know how to spot any problems in your home. We’ll design a custom solution for you to remove any air quality concerns. Better indoor air quality can improve the quality of your sleep, avoid triggering bothersome allergies and offer other long-term benefits.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Service Matters

Most homes use air ducts and other ventilation systems for heating and cooling. They provide reliable, effective performance for years. However, over time, debris, dust, and mold, can build up inside vents, ducts, and other HVAC systems that affect the quality of your air. Most homeowners and other property owners are concerned about indoor air quality and rightfully so. Everyone wants to know they are breathing the cleanest air possible.

We tell homeowners to watch for things like recurring allergies or obvious signs of dirty ventilation to know when they need professional air purification services. At Solace Heating & Air we have HEPA-approved devices and specialized tools designed to measure air quality around your home. Sometimes what’s happening in your HVAC system impacts the quality of air across the property and sometimes issues are isolated to single rooms or portions of a house.

With years of experience working on all types of homes and HVAC systems, a Solace Heating & Air certified technician will know what to do. We can get someone to you quickly to inspect your indoor air quality and talk to you about ways to improve things. Many of our clients notice an immediate improvement in how they feel and their quality of sleep once we’re done. If you’re someone who struggles with daily or seasonal allergies, talk to us about ways we can get your home cleaner air with proven strategies.

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Homeowners in Memphis, TN know they can count on us for the best in service and results. Our main focus is getting our clients the results they expect at great prices. When you call us, someone picks up the phone and will listen to what you’re dealing with. We know to ask the right questions and we work around the clock to get you the support you need.

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Discover the difference professional indoor air quality service in Memphis, TN and purification solutions can make. Don’t live another day without knowing what type of air you’re breathing at home. Find out how we can get you cleaner air and get better performance from your HVAC system. Schedule an appointment now by calling (901) 440-3000! We are standing by to get things started right away!