Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair Experts

One of the last things you want to see in your home is a sewer line backup. Whether caused by clogs or tree roots breaking through your sewer line, unsightly and foul-smelling sewer back-ups can damage your property, and harm your health. When you have a backup or a leak, the professionals at Solace Heating & Air are experts in sewer line repair in Memphis, TN.

We have on staff experienced, licensed, and insured plumbing professionals ready to help you. Call (901) 440-3000 to schedule services today. We are also available for emergency calls after hours.

Our Sewer Services in Memphis, TN 

From clogs in your toilets to old pipes leaking, when your sewer lines are damaged your plumbing system becomes vulnerable to frequent back-ups because the pipes aren’t draining properly. If you have a sewage backup in the home, you’ll need to get the affected area cleaned, and the blockage removed as soon as possible. Our licensed and experienced team can help you with sewer line repair in Memphis, TN. We’ll clear blockages and make sure any leaks or other damage to the pipes are repaired. Call us at (901) 440-3000 anytime when you’ve had a sewer backup or other damage to your sewer line.

Sewer Backup Safety

With any sewage spill, make sure to block off the affected area, and keep children and pets away from it. Avoid any contact with bare skin. Wear protective clothing like rubber boots and gloves, coveralls and face masks, if you need to go into the affected area for any reason.

If you have older sewer lines or your pipes are rusted or corroded, you may want to consider getting the system replaced. One leading cause of sewage line damage is tree roots breaking through the lines or crushing the pipes. The roots may need to be removed and pipes repaired or replaced. 

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